GOOD DEEDS [1st edition]


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There is nothing wrong with the quality of the book. We changed the wording slightly on one page when we printed the 2nd edition. The sing-along song to this is still on YouTube. We are selling off the remaining box of the 1st edition books.

Good Deeds: Just To Please Allah is a colourful & vibrant board-book following on perfectly from our first book (Five Pillars). It encourages mini Muslims to do five things to please Allah: read Qur’an, learn about the prophets, repent & improve, give thanks, and do good deeds.

It’s written to the tune of ‘Row, row, row your boat’, shows adorable diverse characters and contains a line puzzle!



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7 in stock


This is a colourful & vibrant board-book encouraging mini Muslims to practice five things to please Allah:

  • read Qur’an (with understanding),
  • learn about the prophets (and live by the Sunnah),
  • repent and improve,
  • be grateful
  • and, do good deeds.

Lots of adorable diverse characters from around the world provide positive role models for our little ones.

There is a line puzzle at the end adding an element of interactive fun with revision!

Written to the tune of ‘Row, row, row your boat’

Doing things just to please Allah is a repeated message. And so is the notion of Jannah being the ultimate goal.




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