Bismillah Bees is a Sadaqah Jariyah Project

and operates as a Not-For-Profit Company.

It does not pay any salaries to the director or family members.

Money raised through sales, workshops and donations is reinvested back into Bismillah Bees to fund warehouse costs, pay freelancers, and more importantly; publish more wonderful books and resources!



Our Mission

To help children develop LOVE for ALLAH & ENTHUSIASM For ISLAM!

Our Books

Represent many colours and cultures, showing the diversity within our ummah to promote love and equality.

Since children of all ages and backgrounds love books, activities and videos; what better way to weave an inclusive Islam into their daily lives?



Why Do This?

I believe resources which encourage LOVE for ALLAH & ENTHUSIASM for Islam are vital for mini Muslims because:

The earlier we sow the beauty of Islam, the greater our children will blossom (in shaa Allah).

– Rabia Bashir



Our Vision For The Future 

Bismillah Bees (previously known as Precious Bees) has been set up as an ongoing act of Sadaqah Jariyah -Insha’Allah. One aspect of that is to continue spreading knowledge and joy about Islam through our resources. Another aspect is giving a percentage of each book sale to a particular charitable cause.

We would love to be in a position where Bismillah Bees can not only sustain itself but can give back directly to disadvantaged children. Maybe it’ll be a Bismillah Bees Orphanage. Maybe a school. Maybe all of the above. Insha’Allah!



Our Team

Ultimate Super Power – Allah [swt] – Lord Of Our Universe & Opportunity Creator

Nani & Nana Bees – Fateha & Bashir – Nurturing Service Providers

Mommy Bee – Rabia – Author, Founder & Visionary

Daddy Bee – Irfan – Chief Investor & Grounding Officer

Baby Bees – Rayyan & Ridhwan & Maryam – Inspirers & Brand Ambassadors

Focus Bees – a team of bees of all shapes & sizes – Buzzing with Feedback & Excitement!



How We Began

The story of Bismillah Bees began shortly after the birth of my first son in March 2016. I loved bonding with him while singing and reading books to him (and I sensed he loved it too!).

However, I faced a problem. There were countless nursery rhymes and books, but none or very few about Islam.

One day, whilst singing ‘row, row, row your boat’ I changed the words to ‘pray, pray, pray, salah’. And that was the start of our debut book FIVE PILLARS: Just To Please Allah. As my son grew, the wording changed until I had finalised Five Pillars and its sister book, Good Deeds (Alhamdulillah)!

I decided to set up my own publishing business as Sadaqah Jariyah. The name ‘Precious Bees’ was inspired by a thought-provoking khutbah given by Ustad Nouman Ali Khan: ‘Be Like The Bee!’ My notes on that are here. In Ramadan 2020 I felt compelled to change the business name from Precious Bees to Bismillah Bees (the name I had originally wanted). By this point, we had thousands of books printed, but I knew Allah would take care of that. Bismillah. We changed the name and have felt the barakah. Alhamdulillah!



Our Journey

You can read our blog posts about our journey by clicking here.

Or, join us on our journey via Instagram or Facebook.