17th October 2018

If we were to install a fancy switchboard message on the business phone, and if I were being totally honest, THESE are the options you would hear!

I’ve had to make some calls to other businesses during ‘office hours’ with my boys around me. I make the call when they seem ‘settled’ and ‘occupied’ but guess what happens as soon as I begin talking?! Luckily for me most of the calls have been with fellow mumpreneurs who understand all too well.

Needless to say, trying to raise a toddler and a baby whilst trying to raise a business comes with its challenges! But I wouldn’t have it any other way – ALHAMDULILLAH! I feel truly blessed for being able to put aside a career and be at home with my children; my Precious Bees.

17th October 2018

If it were up to my mum (aka Nani Bee), she would have me starting Precious Bees when the kids got older. More on that in another post -in shaa Allah! But as a friend pointed out, if I had postponed getting Precious Bees off the ground, Rayyan and Ridhwan wouldn’t have grown up with their Ammu’s books. My children are my target market… It’s why I set this up: to develop children’s LOVE for ALLAH & ENTHUSIASM for ISLAM right from birth.

I can’t describe the feeling I get, the warmth that embraces my heart when I see my boys enjoying Five Pillars and Good Deeds. And judging by the feedback we’ve been getting, other children are appreciating the books too -alhamdulillah.

As much as I love you mum, I’m glad I didn’t listen! Instead, I followed dad’s footsteps of forging ahead with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Yes it’s been challenging. I LOVE what I do, but I can’t have set times or a routine for working on Precious Bees. Rayyan and Ridhwan occupy my time the most, they are the most Precious. Everything else I manage to achieve during the day is a big fat bonus!

17th October 2018

Working on Precious Bees in the car is no joke. The boys would fall asleep during the drive home after a ‘stay & play’ session, but they’d wake up during the transfer into the home (and be cranky all day). So we spent the summer camped in the car. Them asleep, me balancing the laptop on the gear stick! They’d wake up refreshed and I’d be happy to have got some stuff done.

One of the advantages of technology in this day and age: you can run a business almost anywhere!