A Gem of a Book for Mini Muslims!

A colourful board-book teaching mini Muslims about the five pillars of Islam using catchy rhymes, adorable diverse characters and a lift-the-flap memory game!

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Children (from babies to school goers) and adults too are loving this book:

“That was a nice story you read to us!”

Boy, aged 6 [passing by in corridor as we were leaving – so touching!]

“Amelia [2] loves Five Pillars! It’s her bedtime book! She calls it Allahu!”

Rina [Birmingham]

“My boys enjoyed the story and the song. They joined in and asked for the book.”

Umm Ahmed [Birmingham]

“MashaAllah, congratulations on your book. I pray you have more successful books in the future. A lovely book that gets to explain a simple and beautiful aspect of Islam.”

Sahdia [Birmingham]

“I just wanted to let you know your book ‘Five Pillars Just To Please Allah’ is amazing. My 6-year-old daughter loves it. It’s very eye catching for kids as it’s colourful and the characters are very cute. She really enjoys reading it again and again. JazakAllah Kher.”

Mommy of a 6 year old daughter [United Kingdom]

“I love the colours of the book. I love the flaps!”

Humaira, aged 7

“This books is full of beautiful, bright colours and pictures. Hard wearing pages which makes the book suitable even for my 2yr old. This quiz at the end is simple yet very creative. Lastly my boys love the fact that the book is personalised with their name.”

Celina [Birmingham]

“My kids are obsessed with the book. Especially because it has the rhyme of row, row, row your boat. Even my two year old is singing it!”

A Sister [Birmingham]

“MashaAllah, my boys [aged 6 and 3] can’t get enough of this book! You’ve done a lovely job with the book. It’s very catchy and engaging – easy for the kids to remember. My two are constantly humming it.”

Zareena [Birmingham]


FIVE PILLARS: Just To Please Allah

PRICE £6.99

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This book is a colourful board-book teaching mini Muslims about the five pillars of Islam. Lots of adorable diverse characters from around the world provide positive role models for our little ones. There is a ‘lift-the-flap’ memory game at the end adding an element of interactive fun with revision!

Read or sing the catchy lines to the rhythm of ‘Row, row, row your boat’ or make up your own style!

The book answers the questions : 

  • What are the five pillars of Islam?
  • Why do we do them?
  • What do we get if we do them?

Doing things just to please Allah is a repeated message. And so is the notion of Jannah being the ultimate goal.

This book will (in shaa Allah) :