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This Dear Allah LETTERS & ENVELOPES GIFT SET is a fun activity for children (and adults in the family too)!

The pack contains x12 envelopes and x12 writing/drawing slips so children can thank Allah or write a du’a for something. They can then seal up the envelopes to open later in life or pass on to their own children perhaps! If they choose to make du’as, encourage your child to also make a plan and take action. Teach them that we don’t make du’a and sit back. We show Allah that we are making an effort too!

You could create a time capsule once a month for a year, or complete one every 12 months. However you choose to use them, they are sure to engage your children and create a little excitement for the future Insha’Allah!

The envelopes have a little extra room to fit in photos, letters and other keepsakes. Do get in touch with us to show us how you use your time capsule kits! @BismillahBees

Suitable for 3-5 year olds with support from a parent/caregiver.
Suitable for older children who can read and write independently.

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I used to find comfort in writing a diary when I was a child. But when you write a ‘dear diary’ it’s kind of going nowhere. Your words stay on the page.

I learnt a lot later in life that talking to Allah or writing ‘Dear Allah’ transforms us. Because your words are going somewhere. They’re reaching Allah.

Therefore, building our child’s connection and reliance upon Allah is SO SO important. If we can establish their love and tawakkul at a small age, it will become second nature as they grow into adults. Insha’Allah they’ll be able to face a life of trials with sabr and understanding and hope.


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