UPDATE December 2023:

We managed to send several food parcels to the brother and the families he was sheltering, but for the past few weeks we have sadly lost contact with him. Our contact has been checking for their names on the growing list of confirmed Palestinians who have died in the war. She has not been able to find their names as yet. Our hearts are heavy with worry, but we remain steadfast in our duas.

Any further money raised by Bismillah Bees will be donated to Global Relief Trust who have a team in Gaza, distributing aid and providing ambulance vehicles on the ground.

£10 will provide vital first aid equipment.

£17 will provide Women’s Hygiene Kits. These kits include essential items such as menstruation pads, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and more.

You can donate to them directly by clicking here.



There are a number of charitable causes. Many are well known and can be easily found by the public.

We have chosen to draw our attention and efforts to collect money for a brother living in Gaza. A few months ago, an Israeli bomb shattered his windows and our former colleague and contacts raised money to replace them. In the last week, he lost 45 relatives and is now providing shelter to over 100 hundred people including other relatives after their homes were demolished. Bismillah Bees will be giving Sadaqah Jariyah donations to support him and the families he is protecting.

Bismillah Bees will cover the Paypal fees to ensure 100% of your donation will be sent on for the people in Gaza.