1ST APRIL 2020

Dear Rayyan 💚 Ridhwan 🧡 & Maryam 💜

Rayyan, it was you who inspired me to begin Precious Bees. And Ridhwan, it was you (along with your bhaiyyah) who motivated me to keep going. Maryam!! Who knew that you’d become the sister my boys squabble and play with!

4 years on kids, and Precious Bees is still here, with 6 books published: I can’t quite believe it! ALHAMDULILLAH!!

All three of you LOVE books! Rayyan & Ridhwan, you both love telling stories and coming up with rhymes. Maryam, you love drawing & making ‘Ammi pictures’. Maa Shaa Allah! I hope to be around to encourage your creativity so, In Shaa Allah, you yourselves can create more books. If I’m not, I pray you work together to keep Precious Bees going. It’s okay if you don’t write or draw when you get older… just keep printing & sharing the books I leave behind. Help other brothers and sisters publish their books. Promise to keep Precious Bees as a sadaqah jariyah business; never take money from it. And if Allah (swt) blesses it with barakah, use profits to support orphans in some way, big or small.

Remember our mission: to develop LOVE for ALLAH & ENTHUSIASM for ISLAM.

And finally, I pray that Allah guides you and places people & opportunities in your path so your journeys lead to Jannah.

Lots of love & duas,
Ammu xx
Maami x