18TH MAY 2020

Same bees, same values, same service… with a new name! Bismillah!

Surprised? Me too!

Here’s the backstory… In 2016 I decided to publish the first book and knew the brand name had to have bees because, as the hadith goes, a believer is like a bee (more on this later). And I wanted Bismillah Bees but there was a very similar sounding publisher already. So, after reading a quote about children being a ‘precious’ gift from God, I decided on Precious Bees.

Fast forward a year or two and the other brand changed to @Bismillahbuddies (beautiful sister, beautiful books by the way, check her out!). I didn’t think anything of this and carried on as usual. I was content with Precious Bees.

But jump to a few weeks ago when I was working on the 99 Names of Allah project for Ramadan 2020… it stirred my heart. A week of fasting later, I woke up one morning wanting to return to the original name: Bismillah Bees. It felt so right! I couldn’t wait to make the changes and share the news with you!

But there was a giveaway planned… not to mention thousands of books printed as Precious Bees… and what about the website? The social media implications? etc etc

Ordinarily, these logistics (and more) would put someone off from making changes. It’s definitely proving to be a challenging and messy process. But it’s ‘in the name of Allah!’ 💓This is my driving force. This keeps me going.

Wanna know what my sister’s kids said about the change?
Niece – ‘I prefer Precious Bees’ (then she saw the new logo and loved it!)
2 Nephews – ‘Tell Khayee to pack it all in and just focus on homeschooling her kids’ 😂😂😂😂 ❓

And now I’d love to know what you think… (But please don’t tell me to pack it in like my nephews! Serving the Ummah through Precious Bees / Bismillah Bees brings me much joy, provides a sense of purpose, and feels rewarding! As does looking after my family. I want to do both!).