19th April 2022

With a heavy heart, today was the day that I ‘unpublished’ all of my print-on-demand books and ebooks on the Amazon platform.

For the past three years, I have been using Amazon to reach and benefit families around the world so they could order a book in their country without paying high shipping fees. But I can no longer offer this because the disadvantage grossly outweighs the benefits…

A friend told me that Amazon supported Israel so last week I Googled it. And here is what I found out:  Amazon’s Investments in Israel Reveal Complicity in Settlements and Military Operations. You can also find other articles by searching ‘Does Amazon fund the Israeli army’.

That one article was enough for me. I made the decision that my books will no longer be sold on Amazon. Other retailers are still selling my books on Amazon and I will be reaching out to them too. As convenient as it was, I have stopped my Prime membership and my personal shopping on Amazon too. And I urge you to please try doing the same…

There is no point in us donating to Gaza with one hand and with the other hand buy/sell on Amazon when 40% of the money goes to Amazon and its other projects.

I’ve heard people scoff at the mention of boycott.

I’ve heard the argument ‘it won’t make a difference’.

I disagree.

‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’

– Desmond Tutu

Firstly, it makes a difference to Allah Who sees our actions of either supporting the oppressed or supporting the oppressor. Imagine the rewards for spending our money on an ethical business.

Secondly, it makes a difference to our conscience. Why use our money against the very people we want freedom for?

Thirdly, IT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE if EVERYONE who stands with Palestine decides to boycott Amazon and support smaller, ethically minded businesses instead.

There are alternative businesses out there but until we as consumers don’t change our behaviour, they do not have the chance to grow and succeed and become an alternative to Amazon.

As Eid fast approaches, I urge you to plan your gifts ahead and not fall into the convenience of ordering next-day-delivery products from Amazon. Even if they’re Islamic gifts. Imagine where 40% of your money will end up…

Instead, try shopping for gifts directly from the brand itself or use shopping platforms such as:

Anafiya Gifts

Noor and Zafir

The Muslim Marketplace



Or click here for a list of Muslim retailers around the world – they stock a variety of products, including our books

Here are some useful links about other brands / businesses that support the Israeli army, the illegal settlements and the ill-treatment of Palestinians:

Call on HSBC to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid

Clothing Brands sourcing from/supporting Israel: NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, PRIMARK, H&M, M&S, MACYS, COSTCO & MORE 

Beauty Brands and Baby Product Brands (This list is shocking!)

BDS Movement – what to boycott

The 2012 list by InMinds – includes Coca-Cola which now owns Costa Coffee

Who Profits – an independent research center dedicated to exposing the role of the private sector in the Israeli occupation economy

I hope this post resonates with everyone who reads it. If we each do our bit and buy alternative products or buy from alternative businesses, we stand a better chance of making a change for Palestine.

Peace and Du’as,

Your sister

Rabia Bashir