5th December 2020

Imagine my surprise and utter DELIGHT when I saw an Instagram post Bismillah Bees was tagged in yesterday… it was by Mariya of @theyareourfuture. She has been nominated in the Best Parenting Blog category of the Muslimah Blogger Awards.

She was asking us to vote for her which I was ready to do happily because I’ve personally benefited from her posts on motherhood. (Check her links out)

And then she asked her followers to also vote for “these special ladies close to my heart:
@zedandq ”

I had to read that bit again…

There I was! Nestled in her list of special ladies. 💓💓💓

I don’t know who nominated Bismillah Bees and how we made it to the Nomination For Best Business Blog list – whoever you are: JazakiAllahu Khairan!!

I can honestly say that the website, blog and business is not where I want it to be – I have a to-do-list going back as far as 2016 when I began this sadaqah jariyah project in the name of Precious Bees (who’s been with me since those days?!).

I use ‘we’ in a lot of my sentences (I’m thinking of the future team when my kids are helping my vision!). But behind the ‘we’ was only ‘me’.

And there’s only so much time I get in the day/night to work on Bismillah Bees. I won’t sugar coat it: it’s been a CHALLENGE-and-a-half trying to raise two babies AND a business (my 3rd baby).

But finding out about the nomination made me ignore the to-do-list for once and appreciate what’s been achieved so far. Alhamdulillah 💓

Feel free to extend your support for Bismillah Bees by voting, but I’m already feeling like a winner. [insert happy dance here 🥳]

Voting ends Sunday – To vote and check out other amazing sisters – visit @muslimahblogs and follow the link in their bio. Or go directly to their website by clicking here. Then scroll down and hit the VOTE NOW button.

And if it was YOU who nominated us – please DM – I want to thank you personally 💖

—-Later that evening, after posting the above to Instagram, I received this comment on the post!

@JeddahMom (a sister whom I’ve also benefited from!) wrote:

Okay I may have been one of those who nominated (and voted) for you 😅 Girl you’re an inspiration. You set up a whole publishing company to publish books for kids. (People publish one book and call it a day! Here I am thinking one day I will… it takes lots of determination, motivation and perserverence to do that. And you did that amidst growing your little boys) ) And not just any books… the most fun and amazing quality books out there. You’re becoming a household name and children are growing up singing your books. MashaAllah TabarakAllah

May Allah accept this from you and May He give you strength, motivation and more such ideas to increase the love of Islam in our children’s hearts. 💖💖💖 Ameen!