19th October 2023


I got up to make duas at Tahajjud time for Palestine.

I am still reeling from the news about Israel bombing a hospital.

My heart is heavy and I want to do more.

I am not alone.

Every person I have been speaking to is feeling the weight of the heartbreak, anger, frustration, dismay and horror.

What can we do to help?

1. Make Dua

Make duas to Al Mujeeb – The One Who Responds, The One Who Answers Prayers.

Make duas to Al Adl – The Just. Channel that anger, disgust, frustration and turn them into duas for Him (SWT).

Exert your efforts at the more blessed times of making dua. Here is a useful link for timings with the relevant hadith references. 

Here are 4 duas for Palestine and the needy people around the world:

2. Speak Up, Share, Support Existing Voices

If you use social media, you can use your platforms:

  • increase your own awareness of what is happening by following accounts of people and organisations who are IN Gaza and share their stories
  • share content related to the history of this conflict because it did not start by 1 incident (please check sources and facts as there is misinformation on both sides circulating)
  • create your own content to voice your concerns.
  •  share the voices of the many Jews, Christians and Other Faiths who are speaking up for human rights. Sadly, Muslim accounts are not reaching audiences on social media. Take screenshots of their messages, record their videos and re-post.

Attend peaceful protests taking place in your region

Have conversations within your circles of influence

Please be mindful of what your children may be hearing if you are watching distressing videos or emotionally charged debates/dialogue.

Sign Petitions / Write To Leaders

Here are links to the ones I know about.

(If you know of any others, please forward via WhatsApp to: +447931115022 and I will add them here Insha’Allah)

UK Healthcare professionals Open Letter to Department of Health and Social Care’s Israel Statement

IFG have collaborated with Deen Developers and Muslim Census with support from Mend to develop a survey to see how their leaders’ words on this issue have affected our attitudes towards their party. Click Here to complete the 2 minute survey Your responses will be used to create an interactive heatmap to show the Labour/Tory parties that their words will lose them the next election. Make sure you choose to vote at the next election – even if it is for an Independent. That will scare the politicians most.

Write to your local government representatives. Here is a link to find your MP if you are in the UK (Example Draft is given below)

UK Petition: Urge the Israel Government to allow fuel, electricity and food into Gaza

Avaaz Petition: To US President Biden, Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad, Turkey’s President Erdogan, German Chancellor Scholz and all world leaders: Stop Child Bloodshed Now

Create Your Own Petition

This is a useful site

Report Incidents in Schools or In The Community

There has been a fold five increase in anti-Muslim cases reported to Tell Mama (an independent and confidential support service for people facing anit-Muslim hate and prejudice)

You can contact Tell Mama here.

There have also been incidents in schools where students have faced sanctions for expressing support for Palestine. 

Palestine In School is a voluntary initiative working with education workers, organisations, solicitors and barristers to provide support to students and families who have faced threats of reprimand, prevent referrals and school sanctions.

Complete This Form And Palestine In School Will Contact You

3. Educate Our Children (and Ourselves)

There is a growing number of resources (a lot are FREE) that we can use to teach our children about the importance of Palestine and Masjid Al Aqsa. Children need to know the history and appreciate why it is a sacred place for Muslims, Christians and Jews. With this background knowledge laid down as a foundation, children can then be taught about the political history of Palestine/Israel – in age-appropriate language and lessons.

It is also important for us to teach children to:

  • develop their critical thinking and not believe everything they see or hear, even it was reported by a Muslim (especially in light of Artificial Intelligence growing and being used at a rapidly increasing rate). This includes spotting media bias and fact-checking reports of incidents using a variety of sources
  • develop communication and debating skills so they can speak up in the future
  • develop their reading and writing skills so they can access books, articles and use the power of their pen to create awareness and make a difference

Here is a link to resources for children

4. Donate

There are a number of charitable causes. Many are well known and can be easily found by the public.

I have chosen to draw my attention and efforts to collect money for a man living in Gaza. A few months ago, an Israeli bomb shattered his windows and my colleague and her friend raised money to replace them. In the last week, he lost 45 relatives and is now providing shelter to over 100 hundred people after their homes were demolished. Bismillah Bees will be giving Sadaqah Jariyah donations to support him and the families he is protecting.

I know of him through my friend and colleague, a Qur’an teacher, and can only give you my word and hers. When I heard his story, I pledged support but asked for video updates so that I can share them with my followers and those who donate (to build trust that the money is reaching him), and this is what my friend disclosed…

People in Gaza suspect that Israel is monitoring their devices in order to locate their whereabouts to eventually bomb them.

I do not have any evidence but my intention is to support him regardless. Allah knows best.

If you feel the same and are willing to donate £5, please click here. Bismillah Bees will cover the Paypal fee so 100% of your donation will be sent on to Gaza.

5. Become Mindful Shoppers/Consumers – Boycott

I’ve heard people scoff at the mention of boycott.

I’ve heard the argument ‘it won’t make a difference’.

I disagree.

‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’

– Desmond Tutu

Firstly, it makes a difference to Allah – He (swt) sees our actions of either supporting the oppressed or supporting the oppressor. Imagine the rewards for spending our money on an ethical business.

Secondly, it makes a difference to our conscience. Why use our money against the very people we want freedom for?

Thirdly, there over 1 billion Muslims worldwide: IT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF EVERYONE who stands with Palestine decides to boycott and support smaller, ethically minded businesses instead.

There are alternative businesses out there but until we as consumers don’t change our behaviour, they do not have the chance to grow and succeed and become an alternative to Amazon and the other companies.

Here are some useful links about other brands / businesses that support the Israeli army, the illegal settlements and the ill-treatment of Palestinians:

Amazon’s Investments in Israel Reveal Complicity in Settlements and Military Operations. You can also find other articles by searching ‘Does Amazon fund the Israeli army’.

There is no point in us donating to Gaza with one hand and with the other hand buy/sell on Amazon when approximately 40%-60% of our money goes to Amazon and potentially into the hands of the IDF.

List of brands

Call on HSBC to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid

Clothing Brands sourcing from/supporting Israel: NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, PRIMARK, H&M, M&S, MACYS, COSTCO & MORE    – this link had links to articles and proof but was not available on 15th October 2023 – I have reached out to the sister @ohsoethical and requested for it to be made available again or updated.

The BDS movement has placed a priority on boycotting coca cola because of the factories that are in illegal settlements in occupied Palestine lands, breaking international law. “Coca cola has at large ignored calls to abide by international law.” Here is the link to this article.

Beauty Brands and Baby Product Brands (This list is shocking!)

BDS Movement – what to boycott

The 2012 list by InMinds – includes Coca-Cola which now owns Costa Coffee

Who Profits – an independent research center dedicated to exposing the role of the private sector in the Israeli occupation economy

I hope this post resonates with everyone who reads it. If we each do our bit and buy alternative products or buy from alternative businesses, we stand a better chance of making a change for Palestine.

With hope, love and duas

Your sister

Rabia Bashir

Email Template

Subject: Urgent Appeal Concerning Gaza Hospital Bombing

Dear [MP’s Full Name],

I am writing to express my profound dismay and heartbreak over the recent events in Gaza. The bombing of a hospital, which resulted in the tragic loss of over 850 innocent lives in a single event, is an unimaginable catastrophe. With nearly 4,000 deaths reported since the onset of this conflict, the magnitude of this crisis cannot be overstated. Such events underscore the urgency of the situation and the dire need for immediate, compassionate action.

I am reaching out to advocate for two immediate and imperative actions: a resolute call for an immediate ceasefire and the swift delivery of essential humanitarian aid. The escalating loss of life, especially with the deliberate targeting of medical facilities, demands an immediate halt in hostilities and a concentrated focus on preserving human lives.

Against this backdrop, the news of the Prime Minister’s impending visit to Israel as a show of support is not only deeply troubling but also undeniably abhorrent. Such a gesture, particularly during a time of immense grief and turmoil, is painfully out of touch and raises grave concerns about the UK’s stance amidst this humanitarian disaster.

As my elected representative, I implore you to raise this issue in the House of Commons with utmost urgency. The UK must use its diplomatic influence to call for an immediate ceasefire and ensure that all parties involved prioritise human lives over political agendas.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. I anticipate a response and am eager to hear about the measures you take in response to this urgent call for peace, humanity, and support.

Sincerely,[Your Full Name] [Your Address] [City, Postal Code]