I fell in love with this book even before I held a physical copy: I saw the flyer floating around on Instagram & thought what an engaging way to present the Quran to children (and adults)!

I say adults too because I brought copies not only for my nephews & nieces, but for ME too!

I was raised to read Arabic but sadly wasn’t taught to understand. Now I lean heavily on the translation by MAS Abdel Haleem, which is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant but it’s all text and harder for me to memorize.

My First Quran With Pictures by sister Shereen @faithbooks is an incredible resource as it presents the Arabic & English text as well as illustrations of each ayah. The circumstances surrounding the revelation are also presented for each surah, providing a glimpse into the seerah of our prophet’s life.

Learning & memorising what surahs mean is incredibly important if we are to strengthen our relationship with Allah, apply the Quran in our daily lives & attain khushu in prayer.

This book has definitely helped with the latter: KHUSHU in PRAYER. Whilst performing salah I can picture what I’m reciting which helps me form a deeper connection, to feel present.

In my humble opinion, this book is a one-stop-Quran-supplement for helping children & adults to memorise surahs, especially for visual learners.

To know more or get your copy visit Faith Books

DISCLAIMER: Shereen & I became friends AFTER I fell in love with her book’s flyer! This review is not endorsed: I like to share things which benefit me & might benefit you…