Why ‘Precious Bees’?

The name ‘Precious Bees’ was inspired by a thought-provoking khutbah given by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan:

‘Be Like The Bee!’

The sermon ties together Qur’anic verses, hadith and facts about bees with much insight and spirit.

The take-home message?

We must improve ourselves and our communities by behaving more like bees:

– we should consume that which is wholesome (not just in terms of eating halal and healthy, but also in pursuing halal rizq)

– we should aim to perfect our ways, be high achievers – the best that we can be

– we should help one another to succeed and not be afraid of others surpassing our own level of success

– we should give back more than we take (think environment, think relationships)

– we should conduct ourselves with humility

If we learn to work with each other and live with each other and create a harmonious community then we don’t just benefit each other; we become a healing for mankind!

– Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

‘Be Like The Bee!’